Max and Ruby: can we talk?

Right now my daughter’s favorite show is Max and Ruby. Yes, I find it unwatchable, but so is Ni Hao, Kai-Lan! and she watches that almost every day too. I mean, no one’s head gets blown off, and I don’t have to sit and watch it *with* her, so who cares?

But when I mentioned Max and Ruby last week, in a post not really about them, I was intrigued to find that these two adorable bunnies were what people wanted to discuss.

It all started when Wendi said that Ruby scares her. Wendi is a funny woman (click above for her blog) but I think she was being serious.

Then Mollie said that Wendi made her “laugh out loud” but concurred: “Ruby is one seriously unlikable character.”

I myself have always hate Ruby’s weird voice. I also hate that she never just loses her shit and screams her head off at her pest of a little brother. But I’m telling you, there is a hatred of Max and Ruby out there that goes much further. I googled “Ruby from Max and Ruby is annoying” and discovered a treasure trove of ill will.

Over on a blog called The Baughers, one commenter says, “If I was Max I would kick Ruby’s teeth in.”

Another goes further, into almost totally unfounded rumor-mongering: “I wonder sometimes if Ruby is really Max’s unwed teenage mother.”

It’s not all aimed at Ruby, either. Max says like one word an episode (over and over) and for some people, that’s even worse. I read one comment online saying that “Max needs a good kick in the ass.” Another admitted that in her darker moments “Max makes me want to stab him.”

My friend AJ has a larger heart. She left a comment here saying she thinks Max is misunderstood, “a savant whose bizarre screwups are always genius in the end.” I can live with that, although after seeing the depth of animosity towards these two bunnies on the internet, I will probably DVR Maggie some good old Miffy instead. (Cute bunny without the annoying voice.) Even when Max and Ruby are not in heavy rotation in my household, though, there will be one question keeping me up at night:

Where the hell are their parents?