snow day project: virtual move

12-18 inches of snow is due to land here in NYC today, and snow days are the kind of days my children seem to prefer to spend indoors (much to my relief). I’ll pick cabin fever over frostbite any day, although fear not: we all walked to the neighborhood diner this morning and got at least some fresh air.

Snow days are fun because they’re time-out-of-time– no one expects you to adhere to your usual daily routine. After playing a few rounds of Mastermind with the boys, I tackled an exciting project of my own, something that doesn’t rate among the forty or so items on my to-do list, but which seemed Snow-Day worthy: organizing a cabinet stuffed to bursting with nearly every piece of art my kids have created since 2006.

I was inspired to try this by Gretchen Rubin (of The Happiness Project fame), who suggests, as a clutter-busting happiness booster, Eight tips to prepare for a real (or virtual) move. Please do check out Gretchen’s tips, because they’re good, but my main takeaway was the idea that I could purge, as if for a move, without having to go to all the trouble of actually moving.

I attacked the art projects pile. The boys abandoned Mastermind and drifted over. We all had many laughs going through their oh-so-immature nursery school masterpieces, and curated a collection of the very best. I dated the backs of them with their school years (while I can still remember), then I sorted them into a box for each kid.

Wow, did this make me happy. (This is a picture of me, happy, so you can envision.) A neat cabinet, an organized box of mementoes, and three giggling children. Snow days are awesome.