rubber yucky

Are you reading this at home? If not, go home. Then read this. Then throw away every bath toy your children have.

According to the Today show, our children’s bath toys “harbor secret filth.” That’s a direct quote. Scientists took samplings from bath toys at large in households just like yours and mine, and found E.coli, streptococci bacteria, and fecal matter on just about every single one. Then they tested the ones with holes. You know that black stuff that grows inside the squeezy ones? Basically, there’s bubonic plague growing in there.

Good news, though! According to this segment, if you wash your children’s bath toys in a bleach solution– AFTER EVERY USE– you shouldn’t have any problem.

The “Today” reporter interviewed the shell-shocked mothers whose households were tested. “I feel like a complete failure as a mother,” one murmured. She wasn’t kidding. No one corrected her in that assumption, either.

Instead of the daily bleach solution suggestion, I opted to get out a garbage bag and toss every one.  If you watch this segment you will too. Honestly, it’s been a while since my kids played with them, so it will be interesting to see how many days pass before they are missed. Next time my kids are bored in the tub, I’m going to throw some nice clean steak knives in there.