Dora the Potty-Trainer

Maggie was two-and-a-half yesterday. She got “big girl underwears” from Santa almost four months ago. She is not wearing them.

Since she is my third child, I have been thinking: wait until she’s ready, and it’ll take two days. Start before she’s ready, and it will take… until she’s ready.

Still, two-and-a-half seems like a good age to get one’s potty act together, does it not? So I have started the gentle and positive reminders. Unfortunately, Maggie seems to be moving quickly in the opposite direction.

Yesterday morning, when Maggie arose and asked for her morning Dora fix:

MOMMY: Maggie, I have an idea? Why don’t I get the potty–
MOMMY: –and you can sit–
MOMMY: Look, you can sit right here on your potty and watch Dora at the same time!
MOMMY: (quickly lowering my standards) How about you sit on it with your diaper on, wouldn’t that–

I was beaten into submission.

MOMMY: OK, Maggie. Maybe another day.

I went to put the potty away.

MAGGIE: Wait. Mommy, you put the potty right there.

I turned, delighted.

MOMMY: Are you going to sit on it like a big girl?

MAGGIE: No, I not sit on it. But when Dora looks out… her will see it.