the mothers (and fathers) you swore you’d never be

Wow! You all are hilarious. Here are some of the mothers (and fathers) YOU swore you’d never be:

  • the spit-shiner
  • the guilt tripper
  • the ice-cream-for-breakfast server
  • the frozen-ravioli-every-night server
  • the Barney fan
  • the snack bringer
  • the TV-in-the-kids-room allower
  • the eye-bugger
  • the one whose kids have runny noses and no shoes
  • the hard-work lecturer
  • the co-sleeper
  • the Elmo consumer
  • the public bathroom freak out-er
  • the chaos-allower
  • the crier
  • the ones whose kids are screaming on the plane
  • the lollipop-briber
  • the stink-eye-giver
  • the one whose kids wear the same clothes every day
and, my personal favorite,
  • the baby-butt-sniffer.
I do one hundred percent of these things, if that makes any of you feel any better.
It was WAY too hard to pick just one winner out of all these awesome entries, so my 5-year-old helped me choose two at random. Rebecca of the frozen ravioli and KellyB whose daughter watches Elmo every day, you are both winners of signed copies of WHEN DID I GET LIKE THIS? Thanks for the laughs everyone! Happy Easter!