absence makes the mommy grow fonder

I’m on the road again this week: Hartford, Boston, Maine. I’m still enjoying myself (despite the driving 700 miles part). My kids, however, are kind of over it. 

My babysitter texted me this morning that Maggie was “feeling sad,” and I thought, are you trying to rip my heart out? 

So I pulled over at a rest stop and called the house and Maggie got on the phone, happy as could be. “HI MOMMY!” she shouted into the phone, as two-year-olds are wont to do. She went on: “MOMMY I HAVE A SDFLSJ AND I WENT TO THE GDRVIOJV AND XCXFRK LKUBNO!” At least that’s what I think she said. I kept saying “What, honey?” and she kept going off on further tangents of unintelligibility, but she sounded content enough. And Nana’s coming to stay over tonight, at which point it will be, Mommy who?

I want them to miss me a little bit, of course, just not to tears.  Right now I’m pretty happy to be sitting here in this hotel typing, alone. By tomorrow night, I too will be OVER IT and ready to drive five hours without stopping to get home on Friday in time to pick them up from school. Absence has made my heart grow fonder– and so I won’t feel too guilty. I may just be a better mommy for it once it’s done.