becoming a mother is like…

I’m a new fan of Get Born Magazine, which calls itself the “uncensored voice of motherhood.” I’m more convinced than ever that the voices of truth mother writers can offer are necessary, and helpful, and healing.  All this week, they’ve asked a mom blogger per day to answer the same question for their Facebook page:  “Becoming a mother is like…” 

Here’s what I came up with today. 

Becoming a mother is like being suddenly drafted into the major leagues when your only previous experience was in Missy T-Ball, a quarter-century or so ago. As T-Ball is to the Big Game, so is junior-high babysitting to actual motherhood. There you stand at home plate, with crazy sidewinders and curveballs being whizzed at you at a hundred miles per hour. You have to manage, not only to avoid being knocked out by the constant change-ups, but to actually meet these curveballs, to match their strength with your own, using with every bit of ingenuity you possess in figuring how the hell you’re supposed to do that. Before you know it, another dangerously unpredictable pitch comes flying at you. Then another. One difference: in motherhood you can’t walk away. There’s no home runs, no strikeouts, not even a base-on-balls.  You’re in one long at-bat, 24/7/365, for the next eighteen years. Or maybe forever.