interview with Peace Garden Writer

I first “met” Roxane Salonen, aka Peace Garden Mama, when she commented on this blog a couple of years ago. Since then, I’ve become a fan of Roxane’s own blog, about faith, family, and life as a mother of five on the prairies of North Dakota. Now I feel like I’ve gotten to know her very well- although we have still never met in real life! 

I did an interview with Roxane this week on her brand-spanking new blog, Peace Garden Writer, where she offers “purposeful pondering” on writing. I loved Roxane’s questions– it was fun to talk about the writing of the book itself for a change, more than the parenting wisdom (or lack of) I offer therein.  Another example of how moms on the internet are an incredibly supportive bunch!

Roxane’s also giving away a copy of When Did I Get Like This? and you can enter on her site. 

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