way to cut a mom down to size

So yesterday was pretty darn exciting. I got up extra early, got a headstart on all the kids’ morning routines for my husband, then left the apartment at 7 a.m. and caught a cab to 30 Rock. I arrived at the Today show set, had my hair and makeup done, then did an interview with the gorgeous and gracious Ann Curry, stood thisclose to Matt Lauer and Al Roker, and got escorted outside past the very posterboard-wielding throngs that had just watched me being interviewed (though I suppose they didn’t hear much of it). I was nervous before, but not during– I think I couldn’t believe it was really happening. 

I walked on air for much of the rest of the day, and was an extra fun and giggly mom all afternoon with the kids. After dinner, David said, “Do you guys want to see Mommy on TV?”

“I do!” Maggie shouted, and ran into the living room.
“Okay,” Connor said, with perhaps less enthusiasm.
“Not weawy,” said Seamus, deciding to hang out at the kitchen table.

After some more wheedling on our part, Seamus did come into the living room, but whined so much about it while I was still cue-ing up the interview that he was sent back to the kitchen. That was OK. Connor and Maggie were still excited to watch.

Finally, I came on. 

DADDY: There’s Mommy, guys!

They stared at the screen, devoid of emotion. After I say three words or so:

MAGGIE: Mommy, we watch Dora?
MOMMY: In a minute, honey! Let’s watch this.

Ten seconds pass.

MAGGIE: Mommy, we watch Dora now?
DADDY: Honey, watch Mommy on TV, isn’t it exciting?
MAGGIE: I fink I watch Dora now.

Five seconds pass.

CONNOR: Mom. How long is this going to BE?

So no worries. Any swelled head I might have gotten was quickly brought down to size by three unimpressed children. Now, if I had gone on Dora, that would have been cool. But that Tico is a hell of a gatekeeper.