baby bunnies update

Thanks to all who posted about the baby bunnies and the likelihood that they had survived, and not been eaten, when their nest suddenly disappeared from under the side of our house. I am happy to report that three baby bunnies have been spotted in our yard, once they were chased out of their hiding place by some hyperactive neighborhood children. I barely restrained my rage at that one, but I was very happy to see the baby bunnies were still with us. 

My first takeaway on the whole baby bunny saga was that I had been way overthinking the absence of the mama bunny– and that of course all was well, since she had things under control, as mothers do.

Now I think my takeaway has become, you can never stop worrying about your children, even when (especially when) they are grown. So I’ve seen three baby bunnies– let’s assume they were Joe, Twigs, and Rory– but then, where are Jenna, John, and Super Carrot Guy? Now that they don’t have a nest to come home to, how will I ever keep track of them? 

If I’m up at night wondering about them, just imagine how their mama must feel. 

As you can see, she is a total nervous wreck.