guest post on Marketing Mama: Where is Their Mother?

I have a guest post up today on The Marketing Mama about a family of baby bunnies who are living in a nest under the side of our house. My kids are kind of whatevs about the whole thing. I am obsessed.

You can read more about (from left to right) Joe, John, Jenna, Rory, Twigs, and Super Carrot Guy by clicking here and heading on over to Marketing Mama. (Yes there are six bunnies squished in there.) Please check out my post, because like I said, I’m obsessed, and I’ll probably be talking about them a lot. 

Also, Marketing Mama is a very cool blog on life as a single and working mom, a household with severe food allergies, and (as the title may indicate) marketing to and about us mamas. Missy’s blog really runs the gamut and I always have fun reading it. Enjoy!