can I stop yelling at my kids for a whole week?

I’m kind of a parenting expert, at least when it comes to one topic: yelling at your kids. On this matter, I am a true authority. I was interviewed about it in the New York Times, I wrote about it for Yahoo Shine, I’ve written about it extensively on this very blog, and even in my book, which of course you know because you bought twenty copies and read each of them. 

I like to call myself a yeller who feels bad about it. I know I shouldn’t. I know there are more effective ways to communicate. It’s just that sometimes I can’t remember what they are.

But I have had a hard-core, tough-love, Thintervention with Jackie Warner-type challenge come my way, and my God, I’m going to accept it. A magazine that I love has just given me this assignment: stop yelling at my kids and my husband for a week, and keep a diary of what happens.

I don’t really yell at my husband, I told them. 

That’s okay, they said. Maybe you’ll do it this week. 

And that’s when it hit me: they don’t think I can do this! They’re assuming I will fail!

I think they’re betting on the right side there. 

But we will see what happens.

Anyone care to join me?