Mommy, can I sleep with this?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every little one needs something littler than him- or herself to lug around and love dearly. For proof of this, one need look no further than 


Sometimes, the objects of affection are less fuzzy/cuddly, though still undeniably cute:

And then there’s my family.

Maggie is sleeping with a pair of hot-pink sunglasses.

To be fair, they were lost for most of the summer, and I just found them in a drawer a few days ago. Ever since then, she has been wearing them atop her head for all waking hours. This is from me, clearly; I love summertime because sunglasses are a constant headband option without actually wearing a headband, which always make me look like this.

I mean nothing against our Secretary of State by this, because she herself knows much better than to go around like that now. Headbands are tricky; sunglasses are instant chic hair-off-the-face. 

But I digress. Maggie has taken to wearing her sunglasses atop her head all day, and taking them in the crib with her at night. “Mommy I sleep wif dese PLEASE?” she pleads, and I shrug, wishing it were always that easy to make her happy. But what is she getting out of lying on top of them all night? They seem less-than-cozy.

She may have gotten this idea from her older brother, who had his 6th birthday a few weeks back. His grandparents sent him a huge Toy Story 3 Lego set he’d had his eye on, and when the box arrived in the mail, just a few shakes gave him the clue that he was totally set up. He refused to open the gift until his actual birthday, but slept with the (wrapped) present for the three days until his birthday came. On his birthday, he unwrapped the present, then slept with the (unopened) box for another night or two.

Now he has the whole thing put together, and in the spirit of celebration, this morning he said, “Mommy, can I sleep with my Toy Story Legos tonight?”

You gotta be kidding me.

What do your kids sleep with?