the only way female humor writers can’t be ignored

This past week was not one for posting. As you probably noticed. But Maggie’s potty training, and Seamus’s fever, have continued on pretty much the same path, so we can pick up where we left off there, sorry to say.

Besides multiple trips to the pediatrician and the potty, I was MIA because last week I attended the BlogHer conference in NYC. For me, it was about two miles from home, but I met women bloggers from all over the US (and Canada; you could tell the Canadians by their open-mouthed gaping at the rest of us shoving free Hillshire Farms and McDonald’s samples down our gullets). 

There were honest-to-goodness celebs, too. Here I am with the Jimmy Dean sun. Stand back ladies. Yes he is that sweet in person.

In between meals, I was stuffed with ideas about how to make this blog better (watch out!), and I’ll also be introducing you to some of the new blogging voices I’ve found that I think everyone should know about. Some write about parenting, some don’t; some are funny, some are inspirational; all are inspiring. 

I went to a humor writing session while at the conference, and the hilarious Jessica Bern of Bern This (who was new to me) said something very insightful indeed. Someone asked the unavoidable question of why funny females get short shrift on any writing staff out there, and Jessica said: 

The only way women humor writers can’t be ignored is if we don’t ignore each other. 

How true. How very true. So while I promise to step my own writing– which I hope will continue to intermittently amuse– I also plan to let you know about the other hilarious women out there.  

Thanks, BlogHer, for a great conference.