worst. mother. ever.

So you know how I was just saying that Seamus really under-reacted on his birthday and I was so confused by it, but that’s just Seamus?

The next morning, he didn’t touch his breakfast (again).

That afternoon, the day camp nurse called. “Your son has a fever of 102,” she said. “You’d better come pick him up right away.”

I woke his little sister up from her nap (way early) and floored it to the day camp in 20 minutes. 

This was an impressive feat because I was using a cat o’nine tails to flog myself the entire time.

Seriously, what was I on? A six-year-old uninterested in his birthday gifts is a sick six-year-old. 

He’s currently on day five of this fever. Not strep, no cough, lungs clear, no vomiting. He’s just exhausted, cranky, and really hot.

The urgent-care doctor I took him to yesterday did all kinds of tests that proved negative, and then said, 
“I hate to say this, but having ruled so many other things out, I’m thinking this may be Lyme disease.” 

My jaw dropped.

“Have you noticed any tick bites on him?” the doctor asked, and as I stammered, “Well, no, but I haven’t exactly been checking,” I pulled out the internal whipping device again. What kind of mother doesn’t check each centimeter of her three children’s bodies for something the size of a sesame seed each and every evening? A mother that sucks, that’s who. 

The camp nurse, mind you, thinks this is poppycock, since Seamus doesn’t have a bulls-eye rash (a common symptom of Lyme, but not a sine-qua-non). She tells me that his fever has lasted 5 days because I’m letting him do whatever he wants around the house instead of making him rest, as in, IN BED.

So he’s now in bed napping.

Lyme gets treated with a 2 week round of antibiotics. Haven’t started them yet. I’m taking him to a pediatrician tomorrow, for what I’m sure will be a third opinion. 

Anyone have a fourth? (Any Lyme experience would be much appreciated!)

UPDATE: Thanks so much to all who have offered advice! I took Seamus to a pediatrician today who rolled her eyes at the Lyme possibility and said it was “just viral,” although she did do a blood test for it. In the meantime, my little guy is not as miserable as yesterday, though definitely not better yet.