my readers’ favorite things

The readers have spoken! Here are a few of your favorite things. Leave a comment below and tell me something you love as a mom (either for your kids, or for you), and you can win one of my current favorite things, a “Animal Mastermind Towers” board game. The giveaway is still open so keep your ideas coming!  

Here’s some of what we have so far (you can read more in the comments to the previous post):

for babies-

Wenmei loves the patemm pad for changes on the go. I’d never heard of it before, but as Mandy pointed out, there’s more and more cool stuff every year. 
Wubbanub Infant Pacifier - Lion with satin maneMandy herself recommends the Wubbanub, a stuffed animal that makes it possible for your baby to find her own pacifier in the middle of the night. Curses! Where was the Wubbanub in 2002, I ask you?

Tracy recommends the NoseFrida, and here I must say we part ways.   I have written here and here about my own frustrating experiences with this thing, and why I think it should be called “The Original Nosefrida: When the Regular Old Nasal Bulb Aspirator Is Not Useless or Terrifying Enough.” But Tracy loves it, and she’s not alone, so if you have a baby with a stuffed-up nose, give it a shot, what do I know. 

Indywriter likes the Tiny Diner portable mat for gross restaurant tables. Another thing I wish someone thought of eight years ago.

Diane recommends the fur Robeez booties for babies’ wintertime toes. The pair I received for Maggie were too small for her to really wear them- now I’m sorry she missed out!

for kids-

Erin recommends these adorable handmade skirts from Gocks Frocks, and when Kristen, who makes the clothing herself, heard that, she came on over to offer free shipping for everything on her site with the code “MOTHER LOAD”! So shop away! I have my eye on this felted wool sweater for Maggie…

Kath says the apps on her iPhone are the one thing she can’t do without. Too true, Kath. In fact, next time I’ll do a “what’s your favorite app for kids?” post. 

LeapFrog Tag Reading System (Lavender) (32 MB)Erin G likes the Leapfrog Tag reader. I do also, although after Seamus dropped TWO of them in the toilet, I was reluctant to shell out $40 or more for a third. I would say, buy this one, and tell the kids it can’t go in the bathroom, even for “sitting and thinking” potty time.

Lynnelle recommends Read a book to your kids online, and a book gets donated to a community that really needs them. I’ll definitely be checking that site out. TONIGHT.

for moms-

Karen recommends the Keurig one-cup coffee maker. Karen, how could I have forgotten the Keurig? It truly is the best. If they would only start making Starbucks K-cups, my life would be complete. Although I do enjoy the “Donut Shop Decaf” mightily.

Don’t be shy, tell us something you love!