when your baby turns three

Maggie is my youngest. Today is her third birthday. I find that hard to comprehend, and more than a little sad. I am thrilled to be done with diapers, done with nasty sippy cup innards and bottle liners and snapping a hundred snaps every time an outfit change is required. I am sorry to really not, under any normal use of the term, have a “baby” in my house any longer.

As luck would have it, I also had my yearly visit to my gynecologist today, and with it the usual questions about family planning. “Are you done having children?” he asked me, gently, and I responded, “Yes. I mean, probably. I mean, I think so. My husband thinks so. I mean, I do too. Most of the time. You know, if I could wait five years and then try for one more, maybe I would, but I can’t, so I think we’re done. Probably.”

I said the same thing last year, and I will probably say the same thing in October of 2011. I could have another. I probably won’t. Three feels right for us. That being said, if I ask you if I can hold your baby, and I swoon over her so completely you fear for my sanity, cut me some slack. I love babies, and it’s a good 25 years before I get a grandchild. Hmm. Now that I think of it that way, I may reassess.

At least three is still very, very little. Three is young enough for lots of cuddle time and holding hands and fitting together in the comfy chair. Three is the age to giggle at how cute they are, and then the next moment, be floored by their insight and maturity.

Three feels just right to me. Happy birthday Maggie.

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