Mom, can we live on vacation?

This weekend we took the kids to Woodloch Pines, an “all-inclusive family resort” in the Pocono Mountains. Some parents might pick a weekend a little less hectic than Halloween to plan an overnight getaway, but we tend to stuff things in, that’s how we roll. I can recommend Woodloch most heartily to anyone with children– my kids had an unbelievable time. Picture a cruise ship on land, with costumed characters at every meal (and unlimited ice cream). Maggie asked me yesterday if we could “live at Woodloch and maybe someone else could live in our house.” 

The boys are still giving me a breathless play-by-play of every activity they tried, from bumper boats to the scavenger hunt. Yesterday, they were giving me the lowdown on the paintball rifle range (which I, no regrets, missed because of Maggie’s naptime):

CONNOR: And you have this gun? And there’s paint in it?
SEAMUS: And there’s bad guys? And you shoot dem?
CONNOR: And the bad guys? They’re aliens.

Seamus pauses a moment, and shrugs.

SEAMUS: Well. Not weal aliens. 

So yeah, fake aliens. A little disappointing. Other than that, though, a perfect weekend.