changing the world, one month at a time: meet

This week, I’ve fallen in love with a website that is changing lives.

Love Drop is a micro-giving community that unites to make a difference in the lives of one person or family a month. With each member giving $10, $5, or even $1, they make a huge difference in the life of one deserving family every month. 

This month’s love drop is for Ethan and Alex, two severely autistic boys who are (for the most part) non-verbal. Their family wants to get them a service dog from 4 Paws for Ability, not only for companionship and therapy, but also to keep the boys safe (seven-year-old Ethan often tries to run away).  The dog itself is free- it’s the training that is very expensive. 

Watch the short film below to learn a little more about their family: 

This Saturday, Love Drop is going to Ethan and Alex’s house to present them with the funds that have been raised. They are thisclose to having enough money ($13,000) to get Ethan and Alex their service dog. And then it all starts over again next week, with a new family, a new story, a new way to help.

I hope you’ll consider joining Love Drop with me.