do you have a family heirloom? cause we don’t

I have a “Person of the Week” at home this week, and my son is as proud as any kindergartener would be, as proud as his older brother was two years ago. I have learned a few things since I did this the first time, and as Parent of the Person of the Week, have remained relatively calm even as I am presented each evening, ten minutes past bedtime, with a due-tomorrow project requiring glue sticks (dried out) or reams of family photos (none printed out) or nineteen servings of his favorite snack. We had to do the scrapbook with the class stuffed animal mascot, which I absolutely hate, but this time I was wise enough to have my six-year-old do all the writing, which kept it all suitably brief:

I mean, that was pretty much it. That was our Saturday, and Herbert the frog brought absolutely nothing to the table. Might as well be honest about it.

But this afternoon, I am stumped. For tomorrow’s Person of the Week activity, Seamus has to bring in a “cultural family object.” Huh? I asked the teacher what this meant this morning at dropoff.

“Oh, you know,” she said breezily, “some object of cultural significance to your family.”

Prodded by my blank stare, she expounded: “An heirloom of some kind. Something that’s been passed down.” 

I continued to stare at her.
“An ornament?” she offered. “Some kids bring in ornaments that are special to their family. Anything that indicates a family tradition.”

I’ve been thinking all day, and I mean, I got NOTHING. Seamus wants to bring in an ornament, but I have them all in boxes in the basement, and even if I was in the mood to dig one out, it’s not like any of them are that significant to our family history. To him. I think I have a silver baby spoon of his in the back of the closet somewhere? But even that’s a lie: it’s not like it means anything to him. It was never even used.

So today’s maternal failing is that our family basically *has* no traditions, of objects of cultural significance, and by God we’re going to have several, starting right now. 

Hoping you all have some ideas of where to start.

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