a rainy-day activity boys can get behind

My boys were quiet in the kitchen. TOO quiet.

“What are you doing out there?” I yelled. No response. 
So then, certain of a disaster, like Miss Clavel, I ran fast and faster.

They were hunched over the kitchen table together, giggling and scribbling.

“Uh… what are you guys doing?” I asked gingerly.

“We’re ruining people’s faces!” Connor crowed.
And indeed they were:

I like the Yoda / Bob Dog from Mister Rogers thing happening here:

And this guy is saying “Hello” backwards, sort of a REDRUM homage, if you will. 

Not sure what the “pkep” on his shirt is about though.

Ruining People’s Faces! The next time your kids are fighting, throw them yesterday’s newspaper and a couple of markers. Hope they enjoy it half as much as my kids do.