Wacky Wednesday: great for those who are already bizarre

This week was W week in kindergarten M, and Wednesday was “Wacky Wednesday,” which is (it seems) celebrated by putting the blocks on the coloring table, and hanging the weather calendar upside down, and by all the kids coming to school totally wacky! Because I am a terrible mother, and because my email filter likes to prevent me from getting whatever messages my kids’ teachers send that way, the first time I heard about “Wacky Wednesday” was when we arrived at school on Wednesday morning. All the other kids were running around with socks on their hands and witch hats. One even had a tam-o-shanter. 

this is a tam-o-shanter, although not a kindergartener

I was pretty sure this was going to be a real problem. Seamus has a real hair-trigger on his sobbing reflex these days, and being unprepared for such a momentous event as Wacky Wednesday was sure to ruin his day. And mine. I proceeded carefully.

ME: Seamus, I’m really sorry I didn’t know about Wacky Wednesday.
SEAMUS: (sighs) It’s oh… kay… 
ME: I wish I had something wacky for you to wear. Do you want me to make you a head wrap out of my scarf?
SEAMUS: (eyes downcast) I don’t need anything.
ME: Okay, sweetie. Have a good day.

I give him a quick kiss and start to move for the exit before he decides to melt down.

SEAMUS: Well. I’m a little wacky.
ME: You are?
SEAMUS: I do have two pairs of pants on. 
ME: Huh?
SEAMUS: I have two pairs of pants on.

I check. He does. Two pairs of Gap khaki-style pants. 

ME: Seamus, did you put on two pairs of pants because it was Wacky Wednesday?
SEAMUS: Nope. I forgot.
ME: So… why are you wearing two pairs of pants?
SEAMUS: You said it was a little cold outside.

(By a “little cold,” I had meant 58 degrees. Grab-a-sweatshirt cold. Not ice-fishing cold.)

I encouraged my son to remove his extra pair of pants, for comfort’s sake, but he wore them happily all day long, right up until bath time after dinner. Takeaway: Wacky Wednesday can be a great holiday, even if you’ve neglected to officially observe it, as long as you’re the kind of kid who is always doing something really weird anyway. Hoo boy, that is my child. 

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