reclaim your mother "failure" as a success

Is there a choice you’ve made as a mother that you were taught to see as a fail, but in reality, has made you a better mother, not a worse one? 

My friend Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing, one of the true mamas of mom blogs, is running a giveaway for When Did I Get Like This?  this week on her blog, and she poses just that question. I think it’s a GREAT question, a real thought-provoker, and one that can make us each feel a little better about ourselves. We’re not half so bad at this as we sometimes think we are.

Here’s mine, and it’s one I’ve talked about before: family dinner is just not happening in my house right now, at least not more than once or twice a week. And I do feel guilty about that. But in our day-to-day lives, my three kids are really cranky at 6 p.m, and if I can let two out of the three eat, while I ask about their days, and then the other one eat, while I ask about his day, peace reigns in our home. If all three eat at once, there’s whining and pushing and dancing around the kitchen, and Mommy yells, and no one eats. 

Would I like to fix that? Yes. Will I? Yes. Am I going to force seven nights a week of that craziness on my family? Not right now.

Definitely check out the responses over at Adventures in Babywearing… everything from a bottle of formula, to Dora, to co-sleeping, to orange juice fortified with calcium, are being proudly waved as choices that can be overwhelmingly positive for a mother, and her child. It’s really liberating to read.

And if you have one of your own, please leave it here: what’s that choice you’ve made as a mother that you’re *supposed* to be sorry about, but just aren’t?