when’s the last time you asked yourself "when did I get like this?"

Lots of people are answering that question over on Classy Chaos, like Pauline, Ms. Classy Chaos herself, who asked herself that very question as she ran her Dyson right over the Barbie doll heads because she was just so sick of picking them up.

Then, after her husband untangled all the doll hair from the beater bar, Pauline took this fabulous photo of my book amidst the naked chaos, and I think it looks just marvelous there. 

Classy Chaos has two copies of the paperback to give away, but “only to people that have purchased frozen chicken nuggets to their children.” (I can think of maybe one person I know who hasn’t… and even her… nah, she had to do it at some point.) All you have to do is leave a comment answering this question:

So far there are some doozies:

You know how when you stay in a store 30 seconds too long and both kids go haywire? I was that mom with those kids today and I wondered, when did I get like this?!

Sunday I was vacuuming & had to stop every 2 seconds to remove Legos from the path, really tiny Legos & started fantasizing about a vacuum that would sense Legos and spit them back out. This is what my fantasies have become.

Had to be when I was sitting in the sleeting rain, watching a 5th grade baseball game, yelling to my 9 year old daughter behind me, who was covered with a sleeping bag because she was so cold that ‘sure, she could buy another hot cocoa (by way of bribery), and asking my 7th grade daughter to please text her dad the score, as my fingers were frozen. 

Definitely check it out for yourself because the chaos is darn funny (and, may I say, darn classy) over at Classy Chaos. That’s something to strive for, isn’t it? We can’t overcome the chaos, but we can at least be classy about it. 

And if you’d like to let me know, I’d love to hear it: when was the last time you asked yourself “when did I get like this?” I’ll go first: this morning, when I was jamming my kicking and screaming 3 year old daughter’s legs into her pants, because it was cold out and G dash D, she was GOING TO WEAR PANTS FOR A CHANGE.

Your turn…

I have an article over at babble.com this week that I’m pretty excited about. Did you know that the founder of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, spent six years of her life lobbying for it to become a national holiday- and then the next THIRTY YEARS trying to make it go away? Her story is fascinating (and more than a little funny) and you can read more here.