does anyone talk to their spouse on the phone anymore?

My friend Erin over at I’m Gonna Kill Him has a hilarious post up on her blog listing all the acronyms she’s going to start using while texting with her husband to save time. One sample:

YOU:  ATNA?  (At Target, need anything?)
HIM:  NAEHTC  (No, and empty half the cart)
I need someone to text me that while I’m at Target, for sure. 
Read Erin’s whole post because it’s hilarious. It also made me think, since Erin said she and her husband have pretty much given up on trying to talk to each other on the phone. Who has time for a phone call? Texting is what they do instead. 
My husband and I don’t text that much; David carries multiple devices with him, and wherever he is, the smartphone that texts is not with him. Or so it seems. But phone calls don’t work too well for us either. David claims I pick up my phone about every one in twenty times. “What’s the point in calling you?” he exclaims. “It’s not like you’re gonna answer.” 
And who wants to talk anyway? We have in-laws who check in with each other all day long, lovey-dovey stuff like “How’s your day going? What did you have for lunch?” but all that seems like a complete waste of time to two type-As like us. And so we don’t bother. I will track him down if I really need something, but otherwise, talk to you tomorrow morning, or whenever I see you next. 
The only time we DO talk on the phone is when we are on separate continents. Our hearts grow suddenly fonder of each another, we miss each each other, and the phone rings. 
David is out of the country this week. The phone rang this morning at 7 a.m.
HIM: (on speaker) Hi! How are you guys? How are my kids?
Three children, munching Cascadian Farms Chocolate O’s, ignore him entirely.
ME: Well, not so good, Daddy, we’re already having time outs for biting and punching.
DADDY: Oh, boy. So let me ask you. Look at your calendar, week of–
8 YEAR OLD: I  said get OFF me!
ME: (into phone) What?
3 YEAR OLD: Mommy, I spilled a little bit of lot of milk.
DADDY: –thought we could make a long weekend of it and fly to–
8 YEAR OLD: I hate you and I HATE YOUR FACE!
6 YEAR OLD: (attempting a face rake) AGHHDHHHGHH! 
DADDY: –so what do you think?
ME: I think… this isn’t really a good time for me to talk.
My husband was offering me a romantic getaway. One that was HIS idea. And I was all, can you put it in a tweet? I’m refereeing right now.
I feel bad. I should call and say so. But he’s in bed. (I hope.) Once again, the planets are aligned against a meaningful phone conversation. 
Maybe we should try carrier pigeon?
How do you communicate with your spouse during the day? How often do you communicate? Do you find it is often not worth the trouble?