awaiting baby O

My sister is having her first baby on Thursday, and I am so excited I am having a little bit of trouble sitting still long enough to type this. In a way, it’s even more exciting than the births of my own three children– I am about to have a new baby to hold WHENEVER I WANT that I didn’t have to carry around in this insane heat wave and then labor out of me beforehand.

My sister and brother-in-law don’t know what they’re having, a stance which I wholeheartedly support. Having done it both ways, I felt the delivery-room surprise was well worth waiting for. However, they do know that “Baby O” will arrive this Thursday, by hook or by crook, and that is because my sister is having the largest baby in all of Christendom.

OK not really; Gabriel Dake of Spotsylvania, MD, came into the world at twelve pounds just this week, and here he is at right with his exhausted mother. But I’ve seen some amazing 4D ultrasound photos of my new niece/nephew, and from what I’ve seen, Baby O has at least as much dewlap going as Master Dake, here. My sister’s latest ultrasound suggests that Baby O is an impressive 9 pounds, 15 ounces- a full two weeks ahead of his/her due date, to boot– and so the OB said, clear your schedule.

My sister and brother-in-law are doing just that, rushing about to and fro, and above all I think I am envious of my sister for getting to skip weeks 39 and 40. Who wouldn’t take that trade, even with a few to-dos left over? But it does seem foreign to me, this idea of knowing what day your baby is going to come. Pretty cool. But still weird.

My sister is checking into the hospital on Wed night. I hope she manages to catch a few winks. I’m pretty sure I won’t!

Did any of you have inductions/ planned C-sections, so that you knew what day your baby would arrive? I’m wondering how that changes the experience of awaiting a birth, particularly if you’ve also done it the old-fashioned “is that a labor cramp, or is that gas?” way.  I’ve done both finding out / not finding out gender of baby, and have a clear preference; if you’ve birthed both on a scheduled day, and not, which worked better for you? 

PS: Good Saint Ann, nine pounds, fifteen ounces?!