going away to come back home

This past week, David and I took a madcap, last-minute, not-sure-we’re-actually-going-until-we-left trip together last week. He was going to London for business; I joined him, and then we had three days in Italy together, JUST US. Our in-laws watched the kids over the long 4th of July weekend (thanks again YaYa and Poppy). 

The scenery (and the pasta) were amazing, of course, but the best part was the uninterrupted time together– three days to really talk about who we are, what we want from our lives and our careers and each other, what our dreams are for our kids. Because really, our daily lives are at least as “madcap” as the scrambling we did at Gatwick Airport when our flight to Florence was cancelled. (I whipped out my smartphone- thank you Kayak!-  and David worked his usual magic with the gate agents and we eked out another skin-of-our-teeth victory.) It feels like that’s our usual reality, moving through life at a brisk jog, dealing with the kids and collapsing on the couch after they’re in bed, getting each other’s daily headlines, but that’s it. Having to run through the airport in order to slow down with my spouse seems a little silly– but it worked wonders, even if we might have saved ourselves the trouble of a nine-hour flight home in order to do it.  

We missed the kids just the right amount. They seem to have missed us just the right amount. And I learned (once again) that I can be a better mother (and wife) for the time I spend away from my children. 

When was the last time you and your partner had the chance to recharge your batteries- as individuals and as a couple? How often do you allow yourself to be away from your children overnight?