Happy Halloween! or: God, this costume is hot

Halloween is here at last, and thank the Lord. My kids are so overstimulated just from thinking about it that all three of them were in tears as I dragged them and an enormous bag of costumes, gym clothes, and “salty snacks” for class parties to the bus stop this morning.

Here’s Maggie once we got to her nursery school party this morning, somewhat recovered:

I must say I love this costume, and I love that she chose it instead of another princess getup. But being Winnie-the-Pooh is HOT.  My daughter could go on an expedition to the South Pole in this thing, and her nursery school classroom is heated to a 1960s-vintage 103 degrees.  In this photo, as you can see, she has literally been brought to her knees by heatstroke. But under no circumstances would she remove her hood and reveal her true identity.

Then there’s Seamus, ever the contrarian. After piecing together a formidable “bad guy” costume from our collection of Halloweens past, he spent our bus ride to school avowing, alternately, that he was going to be “nothing” or “himself.” In other words, boycotting the costume-wearing entirely. At first I took the bait, explaining but it will be FUN, but everyone else will have one on and you’ll be sorry, but but but. By the time we got to school, I handed him his costume bag and said “Whatever.” I’m sure there will be a story there.

Tonight, we’ll go to a block party where I saw Tina Fey once, then trick-or-treat around two apartment buildings instead of going house to house. And hey, there’s no nor’easter TODAY, so I’ll count my blessings. Happy Halloween!