do you give your kids an allowance?

I mentioned last week that I was upping my kids’ chores for 2012, cause if I’m going to get anything done this year, someone else is going to have to line up the 25 pairs of shoes under the bench in the front hall every afternoon.

So far, it’s going pretty well. My kids are still finding some pride and novelty in loading the dishwasher and setting the table. But by February 1, I’m expecting that it will require 5 minutes of mom-wheedling for every fifteen seconds of kid labor, which is not really an equation I can live with. If I want the kids to keep pulling their weight without complaining, I’m probably going to have to use a little bit of green motivation.

Yesterday, Connor asked me when he would be getting his allowance for services rendered.

“Kids in my class get like twenty dollars a week,” he said.

I demurred.

“Well, I think some of them get something like that,” he hedged.

The photo at left– not of my child– shows a child holding a fistful of Benjamin Franklins. ┬áLet’s start by assuming 1) this is not a kid from Connor’s class and 2) no prepubescent gets $500 a week.

But I have no idea what a reasonable allowance is for primary schoolers. Fifty cents a day? That seemed good to me, but the boys were insulted by that offer. “I do all that for FIFTY CENTS A DAY?” Seamus screamed. But then I think, seriously, what do they need any money for? They each just received about 14,000 Christmas presents, half of which are still in their sealed packaging. Their room and board is included in their Standard Child Package. They can’t go anywhere without me, and whenever we do go anywhere, I pay. I’d take that whole deal and make $3.50 a week, seems fair to me.

Do you give your kids an allowance? How old are they, how much do you give them, and what do you expect in return?

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