French parents are superior? Only if we let them say so

I have a story up on Huffington Post this week about the Wall Street Journal’s latest attempt to make us feel bad about ourselves. Last year we were all told Why Chinese Mothers are Superior; now we’re being told Why French Parents are Superior. My own take on this is that ’70s parents were doing the whole laissez-faire thing forty years ago, so step back, mamans.

I was totally annoyed by Chinese mothers are better article last year, and said so, and so did pretty much everyone else in the blogosphere. But in the end all we did was help the Tiger Mother go on every single TV show and say “boo hoo I was so misunderstood” and sell approximately one hundred bajillion books.

And so I am loath to do the same for the latest book excerpt telling American mothers that we all suck. But I also think we’re all getting too smart for this guilt trip from the media. If French mothers are better than us because they pretty much don’t give a rat’s ass, then I say the first French thing we should do is refuse to let the Wall Street Journal push our buttons again. As commenter Andrew McKenzie said over on Huffington Post,

The real reason French parents are superior is that they would never bother asking themselves which country’s parents are superior.

Touché, Andrew! Thanks for the reality check.

Did you read the WSJ excerpt? Will you buy the book? Do you care? Are French mothers better than you?


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