my children’s Easter candy, my shame

It’s my fault.

It’s my fault for having bought so darn much of it.

And it’s my fault that I apparently have much, much less willpower than my three children.

As I sit here typing I can hear, from the next room, a vast assortment of gummy delights and semi-melted chocolate whispering my name. Today, I tell myself, today I will not give in to temptation. But I am Mother, and I am home, and I am weak.

So vex me no more, Reester Bunny! Hie thee away, Life Savers Pastel Jellybeans! Haunt me no more with your strawberry-kiwi deliciousness, for you are meant for CHILDREN, children who have long, long ago forgotten that you await them in the cabinet above the microwave.

When I was a youngster I clearly remember working methodically through my two-pound (solid) chocolate crucifixes and lambs until they were gone, and wayyy before the city pool opened for the summer. I don’t know where my children got their temperance. Certainly not from me. I sent three bags of Halloween candy, groaning under their weight, with my husband to his office the week after Thanksgiving– but only after I’d gained a permanently hard belly from a month’s steady diet of Sixlets-in-a-tube.

So I’m giving it one more dinnertime for the kids to remember they have uneaten bounty for dessert, and then into the wastebasket you shall go.

Yea, I have not forgotten you; and I will never forget you, Hollow Double Crisp Too-Tall Bunny. But you are too tall, otherwise there would be a lot less of you left a month after you came into my life.

Does anyone else suffer my shame? Please say yes.



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