my thoughts on this Marshmallow eve

This is my last night of freedom.

This is my last night’s sleep to lay abed of a morning as long as I wish. (Like 7:30. But still. The decision is mine.)

These are my last few gulps of the sweet air of solitude and clean carpets.

Drink with me, ye lads and lasses, to days gone by, for ’tis


This is Marshmallow.

Tomorrow morning, we will get in the car as a family of five, drive to New Jersey, and return as a family of six.

My good friend Sarah just sent me this email, and I quote:

AHhhhhhh SO excited for you!!!! (Hence the massive overuse of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!)

I read that and think: please, God, let her be right. Let this be something wonderful and not the worst idea I have ever had. Because this is something far more foreign and far more terrifying to me than bringing home my firstborn:

We’re getting a dog.

“We’re not doing anything so remarkable,” David said before bed the other night. “We were probably more remarkable having three kids and NO dog. Plenty of people do it. I feel better telling myself that.”

But I’m not sure he does really.

Why are we getting a dog?

  • One of my kids is anxious. Dogs are a big help with that.
  • One of my kids has some garden-variety sensory issues. Dogs are a big help with that.
  • My kids wore me down. I admit it. I said “no way” seven hundred thousand times and then I just gave up.
  • There is a teeny tiny part of me that thinks I may just love her. If I’m not having a fourth child, a baby animal might not be the worst idea in the world. This puppy might make me- could it be?- happy?


This is me meeting her last month, when the kids still had no idea she was coming.

I might look a little tiny bit in love with her in that picture.

I am maybe not totally dreading housebreaking a partially-immunized puppy in the middle of January in a twelfth-floor apartment.

Something tells me that my life will change tomorrow. For the worse, pain-in-the-rear-factor-wise.

But just maybe for the better too.

Give me advice! Cause I am a dog novice. What got you through your first days with your pup?


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