remembering Benjamin Wheeler

Yesterday was another September 11th, and another chance to feel sad at how a lot of America seems to have moved on from remembering. Or, at least, wanting to remember. The victims would want us to move forward and live our lives, we’re told, and maybe that’s true. But I think their families probably appreciated any compassion we showed as a nation for their sorrow twelve years to the day after their loved ones were taken away. I hope they didn’t feel forgotten.

Today is another day, and another chance to remember something too horrible for any of us ever to forget.

My friend Francine lost her son, Benjamin Wheeler, at the Sandy Hook Elementary School last December. Today, September 12th, is Ben’s birthday. He would have been seven years old.

screenshotBen was an absolutely adorable little boy who was fascinated by lighthouses. And so today, as a gesture of hope and love, Ben’s family and friends will be placing a single window candle or other light in their front windows, for the day and night, making their homes lighthouses to guide us to a better, safer, more sane world.

I’d love for you to join me in this wish for a more peaceful world for all children– and to show Francine that her son has not and will not be forgotten.

If you do so, please share photos of your light on the Benjamin Wheeler Fund Facebook Page. I know the Wheelers will be so comforted by your support.


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