potty training odyssey, part deux

Perhaps the main reason I really do have to get my daughter potty-trained is that when she poops in her diaper, her two older brothers– it pains me to type this– take turns sniffling deeply at her bottom and topping each other in their reactions.

CONNOR: (taking a whiff) UGH! Gross! Mom! Change her diaper!
SEAMUS: (taking a turn) Oh-ho-ho-ho! Yuck!
CONNOR: Move, Seamus, I want to smell. (He does. Connor does.) Ugh! You STINK Maggie!

Maggie does not really mind this as much as you might expect. But this cannot be good. This has to be messing with all three of them in some deeply Freudian way, no?

Yesterday Connor wasn’t around for these usual hijinks so Seamus was just taking double turns himself. I tried appealing to his better angels.

MOMMY: Seamus, don’t do that to Maggie.
SEAMUS: Why not?
MOMMY: Because she doesn’t like it. C’mon Maggie, I’ll change you.
SEAMUS: Can I come too?
SEAMUS: Can I watch you change her?
MOMMY: No! Seamus, how would you like it if you were making poops in the bathroom and Maggie was standing right there watching you?

Seamus thinks about it for a moment.

SEAMUS: Actuawy, that would be fine wif me.

The really sad part is, it probably would.