one of my all time favorites

I’m on vacation with my kids this week, and so I’m posting a rerun of one of my all-time favorite kid stories, this one from almost four years ago. Hope you enjoy! 
Connor and Seamus were sitting together at the picnic table, eating dinner, calmly munching their corn on the cob.
SEAMUS: I hafta get something.
He goes inside. A moment later he sticks his head out the screen door.
SEAMUS: Connor. Did you know I touched a poop?
CONNOR: Really?
Connor and I wait for the rest of the story. But apparently, that is the whole story. So after a moment:
MOMMY: Seamus. Did you REALLY touch your poop?
Seamus looks at me like that’s the dumbest thing he’s ever heard.
SEAMUS: Not MY poop, Mommy. Somebody else’s poop.
MOMMY: Somebody else’s poop that was in the toilet?
Seamus starts to lose his patience.
SEAMUS: NO, Mommy! Somebody else’s poop that was AT CAMP!
MOMMY: (processing this) In the toilet at camp?
Seamus loses it.
SEAMUS: NO!! Somebody else’s poop that was at camp ON THE FLOOR!!
CONNOR: There was poop on the floor at camp?
SEAMUS: That’s what I was trying to TELL YOU!!
MOMMY: Whose poop was it?
SEAMUS: I DON’T KNOW!! I just touched it!
Connor and Mommy take this in.
MOMMY: And then what happened, Seamus?
SEAMUS: Nuffin. Nobody said anyfing.
Seamus goes back inside. Connor and Mommy contemplate all of this in their hearts.
The End
Seriously, that’s the end. Seamus won’t say another word about it. He gets furious if I bring it up; he has said everything he intends to on the matter.
I, on the other hand, can’t stop thinking about this incident. I am haunted by its ramifications, both hygienic and psychosocial. Not to mention, wondering how a turd ends up by itself on the floor. I told my mother this whole story, and she, with nearly forty years of mothering experience, had this pearl of wisdom to offer:
“Sometimes, you just have to accept: you’re never going to get the whole story.”