my shiny new blog!

Just in time for BlogHer 2011, I have rolled out my new blog! Many thanks to Jamie and Nicole at Shatterboxx for this sweet new design; I think you’ll agree it’s quite easy on the eyes compared to the old one.

A few months ago, I asked you all about  making this change,  and you were all so supportive, and so thoroughly in favor, that I went for it. This new title seems more inclusive than “Mother Load,” more open to where I’d like to go with this site. At the same time, I’m not really going to change what I’m writing about at all. I will still write about:

  • going to the wackadoo side in what always begins as a sincere effort to be the best mother I can be
  • calling out the ridiculous standards of modern motherhood that make us all “like this”
  • and plenty of Seamus stories, since I wouldn’t have much to write about without him.
We have a couple more bumps to work out but I hope you all like the look of this half as much as I do. I’m at BlogHer in San Diego the next couple of days, and will return to this beautiful new space with what I’m sure will be renewed enthusiasm next week!