finding new roads with Chevy and Listen to Your Mother

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chevrolet’s sponsorship of Listen to Your Mother Show, but opinions are my own.

It’s a wrap for 2014’s Listen to Your Mother: NYC!

LTYM NYC 2014 cast photo

Let me count the ways I have “found new roads” with Listen To Your Mother: new friends, new collaborators, new priorities for my creativity, new and endless inspiration.

And last weekend, thanks to Chevy, a few more new roads. After three years of involvement with Listen to Your Mother, I had never seen a LTYM show that I had had no hand in creating. Founder Ann Imig had told me I really owed myself the pleasure of being a pure LTYM audience member. Then Chevrolet offered this fabulous opportunity: here’s a new Impala. Take a road trip to another LTYM show.

That show was Listen To Your Mother: North Jersey, directed by two alumnae of LTYM: NYC- Sandy Rustin and Deborah Goldstein. The show was in South Orange, NJ, exactly 23 miles from my apartment. Doesn’t sound like much of a road trip, but when you live in New York City, it’s true adventure whenever you get behind the wheel. Here was my view as I sat in traffic approaching the Lincoln Tunnel:


These were literally “new roads” for me: while I’ve driven through the Lincoln Tunnel many a time, after 20 years in NYC I had never taken the first exit on the other side. But here I was, driving into Hoboken to pick up my pal, driving a car that wasn’t a minivan, and that wasn’t encrusted with dribblings from juice boxes of yore. Look, a sun roof!


Soon enough, Shari Simpson was riding shotgun and looking good.


We got to the show just in time to have (literally) front-row seats for a sold-out LTYM show that had its audience leaping to its feet for a standing ovation at the end. It was truly thrilling.


It was a great road trip, even though we got lost again on the way home (talk about finding new roads) and then sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic in our re-approach to the aforementioned Lincoln Tunnel. It mattered not at all, because I got quality time with Shari. She is one of my favorite people, and thanks to Listen to Your Mother and Chevy, I know her even better. We may have talked just a little bit about Listen to Your Mother NYC 2015. It’s still a twinkle in our eyes, but we can’t wait.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chevrolet as part of their sponsorship of the Listen to Your Mother Show 2014 Season. Learn more about their sponsorship at the Listen To Your Mother Show website.