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I’ve lived in New York City since the early ‘90s. My husband and I raise our three kids here.
Most of the time we all really like it.
My kids are now 14,12, and 9.I started this blog eight years ago (when it was called “Mother Load”) and have been writing ever since– for magazines like ParentingRedbook, American Baby, and babytalk, and websites like NPR, The New York Times, CNNHuffington Post, and Babble.

I was chosen as an “Emerging Author” by Target for my book When Did I Get Like This? The Screamer, The Worrier, The Dinosaur-Chicken-Nugget Buyer, and Other Mothers I Swore I’d Never Be.Right now I’m working on a novel and a second book of parenting essays. I also co-host a podcast called What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood with fellow funny mom Margaret Ables.

As an actor,  I’ve worked on Broadway, off-Broadway, and as a series regular on two sitcoms: Norm (ABC) with Norm MacDonald and Daddio (NBC) with Michael Chiklis. If you want to see the full list of TV and movies I’ve done, you can check it out here.

Then I had two kids in a year and a half. As you might imagine, I stopped working for a while– until I was asked to write a new one-woman show for a theater where I’d worked in the past. While my older son was in preschool nine hours a week, I went to the coffee shop and wrote Mother Load.

I went on to perform that show well over a hundred times, in a nine-week off-Broadway run and in sixteen other cities around the country.

Getting to travel around the country and meet thousands of mothers (first for the show, now through the book and this blog)  has been my favorite part of what I do. I love learning, time and again, that what we have in common far outweighs what separates us. I love it when a group of us can come together and realize through laughter that we’re not half so bad as we think we are.

Write me: amywlsn [at] me [dot] com
Twitter: @amywlsn

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